For convenient delivery Hormone regulator As anti-abortive To facilitate after birth discharge i.e. Placenta In metritis and pyometra

IN CASE OF ABORTION : If there is any threat of abortion to the pregnant animal 4-5 dose may be given in a day till recovery this way the risk of abortion will be reduced to nil. In a very advanced or acute case dose may be given at 1/2 hourly intervel, if there is a past history of abortion in that case, Uterogen is to be given a month before the days of last abortion in morning and evening for 10 days the risk will be minimized

TO REMOVE PLACENTA : After parturition Uterogen is to be given at one hourly interval for 4-5 hours ,the Placenta will come out by detaching itself from cotyledens. To remove after birth discharges from the uterus, Uterogen is suggested three times a day. The flow of discharges will come out with another physiological conditions of uterus to keep the animal healthy with good milk flow capacity.

IN METRITIS AND PYOMETRA : In such conditions for first two days the doses are to be given 4 times in a day then 3 times in a day till the conditions is normal.

FOR CONVENIENT DELIVERY : 10-15 days before expected date of delivery Uterogen has to be given in morning and evening for 10 to 15 days. By doing so the delivery will be less painful and safe. Its biggest advantage is that even at high time of delivery when no one is around the animal to attend delivery the possibility of death of mother or child will be minimized. If the animal has the history of past dystocia Uterogen may be helpful in reducing the chance of dystocia.

HORMONE REGULATOR : Uterogen is a non hormonal formulation which regulates the pregnancy. Uterogen regulates & balances the Harmone level to make the pregnancy safe. Near delivery it excites the complete process of delivery and completes the process of parturition and later produces Milking Hormone so that there is regular milk yield. Uterogen organizes the complicated process as non Hormonal motivator & catalyst. In a way that automatically Hormones are released one after another.

Product Specification PRESENTATION : 105 ML. Bottle DOSAGE : 5 ML. three times a day Or as per severity of the disease or as directed by doctor.

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