About Us

Our Purpose is to create a platform for suppliers and service providers to affordably promote and sell genuine, organic and human friendly products so that the buyer and seller are effortlessly connected.

jumbogreen.com is a bridge for "anyone who supplies BIG in quality" with "someone who is looking for quality"

Our Values Are:


1) Environment friendly: We expect our resellers to take care of the environment. We believe that our business must not harm the environment or lives. We value environment friendly products.

2) Pesticide free healthy products: Rampant use of chemical preservatives is very common today. We support only healthy products.

3) Transparency: Customer reviews are very important to us. We encourage honest customer reviews. Reviews are necessary to ensure that our resellers and suppliers have feedback for improvement.

4) Size does not matter quality does: Our core value is to help genuine and quality suppliers to find a retail window where they can sell, grow and receive their due reward for their sincere efforts.